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HI! I am  Jayanta Narayan Choudhuri

Flat 302
395 Jodhpur Park
Kolkata 700 068

TelRes: 91(33)2473-1891  91(33)2414-4719
Mobile: 91 98302-42070

I am a Senior I.T. Consultant with about 40 years experience in Software Development. My technical background includes UNIX, Java. I have relevant experience with business applications in hospital management, hotel management, power and engineering industries. 

I have did  a large VAX VMS RALLY RDB migration to UNIX ORACLE D2K.Migration of Legacy Systems.html  Many of the tools are quite generic. For example I have evolved very effective algorithms of converting deeply nested Ifs etc. to 4GL. So these tools and techniques will be highly efffective for other migrations as well.

I have done a Unix+Sybase+APT to Windows+MicrosoftSQLserver+PowerBuilder migration. And used TXL.

My focus is now Application Modernization/Source Code Transformation. Currently into a repeat of a 2004 success story.

I do Application Renewal rather than migration with key objective as – create from old a robust new application that is maintainable and is truly infused with a new lease of life.

Many do mindless transformations which stem future augmentation of the created application. However I put special effort that target application is maintainable and easily grown.

For me now SAP ABAP, PHP, Java, Flex, Cordova etc are mere target technologies.

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Sybase & APT to MSSQL PowerBuilder Migration

Best Source Code transform Tool

Migration of Legacy Systems.html

TXL is a grammar parser and un-parser. You need to write 2 grammars and some re-write rules Very useful for transforming spaghetti code error free.

Input                    Parse                         Transformed                      Output
Text  ->[Parse]->  Tree  ->[Transform]->  Parse Tree  ->[Unparse]->  Text

In transformation you actually need to know both target and source platforms well.

TXL very useful addressing huge LOC of frontend logic. In my 1st project complex nested IFs were used and code base was very large. Without TXL it is manually impossible to migrate. Younger teams will try re-write taking long time to deliver robust working application.

With cloud solutions both SAAS & PAAS the big vendors in crisis mode. I am 100% of opinion that there are NO READY SOLUTIONS. Even ERP is a tool and implementing is a service. Needs huge maintain and grow costs. Sustaining COTS means putting organizing hands of license sharks as they will extract blood for “maintain and grow”.

This harassment is driving return to modern bespoke applications maintainable by young blood addressing real analytics, without being held ransom by big time vendors/firms.

Unlocking legacy apps with 1990s technology is what I plan to do.


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Another Migration Tool; a replacement Clone.

Oracle RPT Clone